Friday, July 4, 2014

RALNA / 37weeks

“Of all the roles I've played, none has been as fulfilling as being a mother.” - Annette Funicello

It takes maturity to be called a woman, but it takes a huge heart to be called a mom. Being a mother is more than just a woman’s biological capacity to bear a child. But being a mother is a measure of a woman’s willingness to be selfless. Looking back at these photos taken two weeks before my expected date of delivery gives me a sense of pride. I feel proud not just because of the result of the photos, but I am more proud of the opportunity God has given me; and that is to become a mother. I am a mother to two wonderful children and waiting to be a mother to another baby boy. Looking at the marks on my belly, the changes on my figure, the discolorations on my skins, and the age lines visible on my face gives me a sense of pride that these are all marks of being a mother. I think of how painful it was to undergo labor pains during the process of giving birth, and I say to myself, “you did a great job! You should be proud!” And yes, I am indeed proud to have endured all those pains not just of the birthing process but for the pains my heart has to endure when I needed to discipline my children. I could no longer count how many times my heart broke seeing my children crying because at one point I had to be firm in saying “no” to them. But when I see how they are growing to be respectful and God fearing, my hesitations disappear. There is no such thing as perfect parenting. Everything is trial and error process. Sometimes, I question my capacity to raise a child properly. But something in me keeps telling me that for as long as I do things out of my love for my children, then I should know that I am on the right track. Being 29 and soon to be a mother of 3, I know I still have a lot to learn in life, in marriage, and in motherhood. I have doubts. I often have hesitations. I doubt whether or not I am doing good as mother. I doubt whether or not I have given them enough love and attention. I often question myself if I really am selfless or if I am just giving out what the society is expecting me to give as a mother. But when I look at my children, the fruits of my love and compassion, and when I remember how they look up to me as their mother, I give no room for doubts and hesitations. For I know God has given me the opportunity to be called a mother simply because I am capable of being a mother. This goes to all the mothers in the world. We are not just any ordinary women. We have the strength not even the strongest man can beat. Every one of us deserves a pat in the back. And remember, we are all doing a great job!

RALNA / 37weeks from Noel Bentulan on Vimeo.

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